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Mirage Marble

Architects are responsible for several remarkable buildings all around the world. Many architects have incorporated marble in these structures to create a timeless piece of architecture since it is durable, heat-resistant, and has hypoallergenic properties, making it a premium choice for architects everywhere. Marble is one of the few materials that is aesthetically stunning and fully durable both on the interiors and the exteriors. Marble can fit into any budget, especially from Mirage Marble, an Indian marble company.   It is recognized as the best Indian marble company with unmatchable Italian marble prices. Numerous wonderful buildings around the world incorporate this versatile material. Here are a few timeless pieces of architecture that use marble. 

Victor Emmanuel II National Monument (Rome, Italy)

This stunning piece of architecture was completed in 1935. It was designed by Giuseppe Saacconi and is located in the centre of Ancient Rome. The monument is covered with painstakingly created statues and beautiful fountains. Marble is exuberant and is used in the external aesthetic element and well as all sculptures and intricacies.

Marble extension of Catherine Park (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Worked with marble, the Palladian extension highlights sections, entrances, and two structures. Valerio Tortori created this masterpiece on the modest lake in the late 1700s. The foundation of the extension is of stone. The pavilion atop the stone is entirely marble, making the whole bridge look like something out of a romantic novel.


Jefferson Memorial (Washington DC, US)

The dedication was initiated on April 13, 1943, on the 200th birth anniversary of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the U.S. The marble sourced from Vermont called white Georgia and pink Tennessee, were utilized in the stunning wonder. The structure, inspired by a Roman pantheon, has marble steps and patios. A 19-foot (5.8 meters) tall bronze sculpture of Jefferson becomes the focal point placed at the center of the pavilion.


Fontana del Pantheon (Rome, Italy)

Situated before the Roman Pantheon in Piazza della Rotonda, the structure was planned by Giacomo della Porta in 1575 and carved by Leonardo Sormani. The Pantheon actually has the first Roman marble flooring designed with 22 almost undetectable openings to deplete water rapidly.


Pinnacle of the Winds (Athens, Greece)

  • This octagonal structure was initially constructed to tell time. The apex is estimated to be made in the second century B.C. and is believed to have had nine sundials and a water clock. Every one of the eight sides of the design highlights Greek breeze divine beings. The landmark is made primarily of Pentelic marble. 

Marble is a truly versatile material. It has a very significant role to play in the history of most countries. Mirage Marble, one of the only Italian marble suppliers in Gurgaon, helps architects create time-tested pieces of architecture. It is the best Indian marble company  having diverse typologies and colours at its disposal. Get inspired by architecture from around the world and create your own marvel with marble with the help of Mirage Marbles.

We hope you liked the list. At Mirage Marble, we bring you premium stones from across the world to cater to all your project requirements. To know more about our collections or schedule a visit, call us at +91 9×717891317 or visit our website www.miragemarbles.in 

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