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Mirage Marble

A home is a place that is a necessity for everyone around the globe. No matter where one resides, coming back home after a long day of work is nothing short of heavenly. Homes have changed a lot since we first started seeking out shelter. These days homes are becoming more convenient and sophisticated in order to accommodate more diverse needs. Apart from functionality, aesthetics also hold a crucial part in the design of a home. It carries the sentimentality of a house onto the visitors and even onlookers. At Mirage Marble, Best Indian marble company, we ensure diversity in our collection. We are a luxury marble company in Gurgaon and we came across these stunning residences using marble.

A Residence, UAE by IAIA – Idea Art Interior
The design concept evolved from the choice of materials, the play with light, and the integration of vegetation. The theme of minimalistic opulence is carried out through the house, and the marble used just accentuates that.


B House, Indonesia by Gohte Architects
The compact land was converted into a tropical home that involves natural lighting, airflow and circulation. The marble is used on the upper part of the external facade of the building.



Cameo Moscow Villas, Russia by Architectural Bureau WALL
This is a cluster of villas forming an urban oasis. The luxury living experience here involves an awe-inspiring architecture that provides each home with open green areas. All the facades are Jurassic marble, making the building look marvellous.

Mango house, Mexico by Estudio Santa Rita
The house is an exemplar of recovering the habitability of a plot with natural elements and surrounding build elements. Marble is used as the flooring in this home, and it adds a layer of sophistication.


The Unfolding Home, Poland, ACOS
This is a tiny apartment of less than 65 meters squared. The design is based on the owner’s necessities. Hence it encourages responsiveness and spatial reinterpretation. The marble is used as a seamless counter/island.

Architects are merely artists that need to accommodate functionality with an aesthetic. Materials are one of the many ways an architect can emphasise the spatial parameters and the theme of a room. At Mirage Marble, Best Indian marble company, we make it easier for architects to perform these laborious tasks. Our comprehensive collection makes us a luxury marble supplier in Gurgaon which simplifies the complicated architectural process, at least by a little. To know more about our collections or schedule a visit, call us at +91 9×717891317 or visit our website www.miragemarbles.in


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