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Mirage Marble

Marble is one of the most widely used building materials for flooring and countertops. It is also used for wall cladding, sculptures, etc. It is a durable material available in multiple colours. The most prominent quality of marble is that it does not conduct heat and helps cool down the interior significantly. It is also hypoallergenic, which becomes an essential quality for these trying times. Marble with such calibre is the speciality of Marble City, a luxury marble supplier in Gurgaon. Mirage marble also has a wide variety of collections making them the best Indian marble company. 

Here are a few examples from more recent architecture featuring marble.

Lapa Apartment, Portugal by Studio Gamerio

The solution enhanced the historical heritage of the preexisting 1819 building. The building is distinctly divided into private and social areas. The architects used a mosaic-like pattern with multiple colours of marble, offsetting the walls beautifully while still significantly lowering the heat intake of the structure.



Sight coffee and Dine, Russia by FORM Bureau
This is a cafe/ restaurant located in a renovated historical district. The open kitchen design here allows for a clear visual perspective. It provides for multiple types of seating for lengthy conversations. The counter is pink marble, while flooring combines different colors in a random mosaic pattern.



Bestseller Shanghai Office, China by Linehouse
The office is designed for a bestselling fashion retailer. The design focuses on balancing the rectilinear rigidness of the site with a series of curved interventions. The central vista allows for a clear view throughout the designed space.



FW House, Indonesia by Licht Studio
The simple yet sophisticated house is specifically designed around the family’s daily activities and their elegant personality. The design is aimed at blurring the boundaries and enhancing the tropical feel around the neighbourhood. Apart from the flooring, marble is used as a feature element of the front facade.



Promenade en Les Coves de Vinromà, Spain by Bona fide taller
Located at the edge of a small town, this marble sculpture-like bench is part of the landscape intervention. This intervention creates an outdoor meeting space at the edge of a river. Marble is also used as a mosaic on the flooring in certain areas.


From Egyptian times, marble has been a very well utilized material. The quality of the stone is paramount while deciding its use. Mirage Marble, a Marble company in Ghaziabad, is able to bridge this gap by providing specialized marbles for each usage. We are the only Indian marble company that specializes in Italian Marble in Gurgaon. Marble as a building material is exceptionally adaptable, giving architects, artisans, and designers worldwide an endless string of opportunities in creating something extremely extraordinary!